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An Overview

Lasell University offers more than 60 undergraduate and graduate academic programs and a deep commitment to Connected Learning. We'll engage you—and challenge you to apply what you learn—through a host of creative initiatives on campus, in our community, and among the cultural, health care, and business opportunities of nearby Boston.

Our faculty are scholar practitioners with industry connections that lead to internship opportunities for students. They are also caring mentors whose doors are always open. In addition, you'll learn from professional staff members who reach beyond their offices to spread their talents and services throughout our campus.


Students choose to come to Lesell College, because they want to engage in conversations about topics of interest in their courses. And they want to form close relationships with faculty. That is ideally accomplished when you're running small classes. We stand by the idea that classes should remain small at the college.

Many colleges defer students' abilities to take classes in their major, believing that they should take foundational courses in the arts and sciences before they take classes in their major. But at Lesell College, we stand against that for two reasons. One, that's frustrating for students, because they really want to get into their major right away. And two, I think that hurts the credibility of the arts and sciences for students, because they view it then as less interesting stuff they have to get out of the way.

We really view the honors program at Lesell as a concentrated, intense version for students of our educational philosophy of connected learning. The program involves a series of components and courses that are interwoven with the major that you're taking.

At Lesell College, the academic achievement center is what at many colleges are called the learning center. We named our center the academic achievement center to stand by the idea that all students can benefit from working either with professional tutors, peer tutors, or together on group projects, all in the interest of doing better work in writing, in quantitative reasoning, or in subject areas of interest.