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Emily Cobb

Every day, Emily Binder Cobb '04 follows up on the Claremont Police Department's big criminal cases. As Detective Sergeant, she supervises detectives, interviews witnesses, collects evidence and everything in between. 

"There were so many opportunities for me to learn at Lasell," Emily said. She worked with the Campus Activites Board, Student Government, was a Resident Assistant and completed an internship at a police department in Southborough, which was critical in her becoming a police officer



My name is Emily Cobb. The degree I earned is a bachelor of science in criminal justice. And I graduated in December, 2004.

I am a Detective Sergeant at the Claremont Police Department. So I am the supervisor of the Criminal Division. My job is to follow up on the big cases that come in, basically to investigate those, interview witnesses, interview suspects, victims, gathering physical evidence, collection. My job also is to supervise a handful of detectives assigned to the Criminal Division. And we handle cases involving crimes against people, crimes against property. But my job is to supervise them, offer guidance, support, assistance in the investigations, basically to keep the ship running in the Criminal Division.

My time at Lasell really helped me get a foundation and an appreciation for documentation and report writing. There were so many opportunities available to me and so many ways to learn at Lasell. I did student government. I did Campus Activities Board. I was a resident assistant. I did an internship at a local police department in Southborough, Massachusetts, which was absolutely critical in me wanting to become a police officer. I knew when I did that internship that that was it for me. I definitely wanted to go into law enforcement.

We often deal with people on their worst days. And so what I try to do is I always take a step back and remember that. How can I change my community for the better? How can I make someone's life different today? They're good people with bad circumstances. So I always treat people with fairness, with respect. I treat people as I would want them to treat me.

My name is Emily Cobb. And this is my life after Lasell.