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Greg Bullock

Explore Lasell University's Business Management major with Lasell alum Greg Bullock '15

My name is Gregory Bullock. I graduated Lasell last year in 2015. And I'm the lead instructor at Drew Brothers Martial Arts in Newtonville And then in the evenings, I dunk for the Boston Celtics dunk team.

At Lasell as a business management major, in a lot of my classes, my professors always talked about the importance of networking and getting to know my bosses and co-workers. And not just knowing their face, but actually getting to know them and building a rapport with them.

I was working on New England Sports Academy, which is where I had my internship, and one of the guys there training happened to be Lucky the Leprechaun. And I introduced myself to him and we started talking. And he told me that he liked the way my flips looked and he would like to see them on the court. Then tryouts rolled around a couple of months later. Did well, got the callback, and now I'm on the 2015-2016 team.

If I hadn't done that, if I hadn't built the rapport with the mascot for the Celtics, this opportunity probably never would have come on me. So just learning the importance of being open-minded and getting to know people led me down this great path. And now, I can branch off from here and just continue to build relationships with the members of the team and with the higher-ups of the Celtics. Because I want to continue to pursue performance-based career opportunities.