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Haley Scott

Explore Lasell University's Fashion majors with Lasell alum Haley Scott '13

My name's Haley Scott. I graduated in 2013 from Lasell College. And I'm currently a buyer at Converse for our factory stores.

Day to day, I essentially am looking at sales, currently also overseeing apparel and accessories as well, reading and reacting to business, partnering with cross-functional teams, so whether the marketing team or the visual merchandising team. Our business planning partners, our stores are a tremendous key player as I'm obviously here today. And then I partner on our factory stores, which we have 110 of them currently and growing which is a really exciting and different piece of the business that I started to move into with them this recent year.

Halfway through my year at Lasell, they opened up fashion communication and promotion. So at that time, I wanted to be more focused on a specific area. And so I went into specializing in the fashion communication industry.

I had one key component that really helped me get to where I am today, which was my professor Anne Vallely through the visual merchandising class. She set us up for success really, and gave us the ammunition to feel really confident in going into the real world, because she provided us with real life experiences. Had I not had that hands on experience, I would have not had that full understanding of the industry that I was going into. There's so many things that you learn through hands on and real experience that you cannot get out of a textbook. And had I not have that skill set coming in to a corporate environment, I don't think I would have been prepared.

My biggest piece of advice for any senior about to leave Lasell would be do what motivate you, what inspires you, and take risks. Ultimately, if you don't take risks, you're not going to see how far you can go.

My name's Haley Scott. And this is my life after Lasell.