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School of Business

The School of Business provides students with valuable Connected Learning experiences both on and off campus through simulations, certifications, debates, theoretical applications, hands-on trainings, site visits, and meetings with industry professionals.

Lasell actively prepares students to thrive outside the classroom in professional settings.

Undergraduate Programs

Business Management
Esports and Gaming Management
Hospitality Management
Human Resource Management
Professional Sales
Sport Management
Supply Chain Management


Out of all the other schools that I looked at, Lasell had the best event management program for me. And with that program and the connected learning, it just was the best fit for me.

The Sport Management falls under the school of business. So you also get accounting in that, you get marketing, hospitality management.

A lot of the classes I find have overlapped. So I've taken accounting classes, I've taken economics classes. I'm actually in a event management class right now. So the overlap is good. It doesn't make you stick your major. It lets you go outside the box a little bit. Just kind of having the whole broad scope of management when you graduate.

There are some really cool classes. I'm in an entrepreneurship and venture creation class. And we do really cool things in there by just looking at different type of business structures. And we would do a lot of case studies, and figure out what would we do next if we were in the business's situation.

Connected learning has been huge in my major. So we do steps through the internship, and then two pre-practicums, which are kind of mini internships that Lasell offers. So I actually did my first one here on campus with game staff. And we worked on setting up for different games, making sure the doors are unlocked for the referees for the teams.

I work on security with the Red Sox. And one of the people who actually is one of our bosses graduated from Lasell. So he comes in here, recruits a lot of Lasell students. So there are probably about 15, maybe 20 students on campus working with the Red Sox in some capacity. Having so many sports opportunities with internships and jobs right at your fingertips is awesome.