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Sit back and enjoy touring campus!

The Lasell University Guided Walking Tour is a great way to visit campus virtually, with audio narration.

The tour is narrated by Lasell student Cecelia ‘Cece’ Costa, ’20, and begins at the Hamel Visitor Center. Cecilia gives detailed descriptions about each stop on the tour, which covers most of our beautiful 54-acre campus. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 617-243-2225 or

Hi, Welcome to Lasell University. My name is Cecilia Costa. I'm a Business Management, major minoring in Accounting and Event Management. Today we're gonna go on a tour of our beautiful campus. Let's get started.

On this side of campus, it's primarily residential halls. We have two different kinds of halls here we have apartment style and contemporary style. Apartment style is many rooms with a kitchenette and then a common room as a little living area space. The contemporary style option are two doubles with a connected bathroom.

On the side of campus. We also have that second gym that I talked about. It's at the bottom of our residence hall McLelland, and it's open for students all day.

Over here we also have Grellier Field. Grellier Field as a turf field for athletes such as the field hockey team, and the men's and women's lacrosse team. We also offer athletic trainers for all student athletes. Athletic trainers will help you with your physical therapy. They'll also help you with any taping and stretching that you may need to do before games or practices.

Welcome to Woodland Hall. Woodland Hall is one of the many dorm rooms we have here on campus. It is primarily filled with triples and some doubles. in Woodland we have a laundry room, kitchen and two common rooms. All dorms here on campus do have a kitchen and laundry room for students. Our laundry rooms are now equipped with new apps that allow you to know when your laundry is done and what machines are available. I recommend doing it either late nights during the week or on a Sunday night. That's when the laundry rooms are usually empty.

So what's really great about our campus' location is that we're right in the middle of two T- stops. One that is a 10 minute walk that way, which is Woodland Station, and another that's a 10 minute walk that way which is Riverside Station. We also have shuttle buses on campus that will take you to and from our local grocery store, Star Market, and to-andfrom both T-stations as well as the Natick Mall. It's a really great option for students to be able to take the shuttle that way they don't have to worry about Ubers or anything like that and it's a free service for all students.

Welcome to Edwards Student Center. Edwards Student Center is home to quite a few different things. For starters, we have the Health Services Center. Health Services is a place for students where they can just walk in or make an appointment online. If they're feeling sick or need to be checked out. We also partner with keys drugstore, that's a local drugstore where every day at four o'clock they drop off students prescriptions, so that you can have your prescriptions from home transferred here or if you are sick and the health service center prescribes something, they'll just have it dropped off for you. It's a great service for students.

We also have a Counseling Center hereat Lasell. This is a place where students can feel comfortable and safe to go and talk about whatever it is that's going on with the stresses of moving to school, or this stress of class. And then they can also continue any care that they've been seeking at home.

Here at Lasell we also have a Career Services Office. We say once you're a Laser, you're a Laser for life. And what that means is say you're 30 years down the road and you totally want to change what you're doing. You can come back here and they'll help you find a new job, redo your resume help with your LinkedIn, cover letter, whatever it is you may need, they'll still help you free of charge. We also offer that service for students. So if you need help finding internships or post graduation jobs, we have that option here. They'll help you with your Cover Letter resume and LinkedIn. Whatever it is you need help with even interview prep, they're here to help.

Right behind me we also have the Office of Student Affairs. What Student Affairs does is they help make sure that all the transition from home life to school life goes smoothly. So if you are having trouble with roommates or whatever it may be in your dorm life, you can come here and they're an outlet for you. If you're interested in becoming an RA, you can come to the Office of Student Affairs and they'll help you learn what it is to be an RA and go through the training of that. This is one of the very many on-campus employment opportunities that we have here at Lasell for students.

Welcome to my favorite part of Edward Student Center, the dining hall. The dining hall is a place where you can just swipe in and it's all you can eat, the best part. And the even better part about it is that there's ice cream all day. We even have a stir fry section. So if you're feeling a little creative, you can grab different pieces from all around the dining hall and bring it to the stir fry area. And they'll make you a dish whether it's chicken broccoli Alfredo, or you want to have like a Chinese stir fry, they can do it for you.

The best part about the dining hall is that it's full of all different kinds of sections. So if you're plant based, or if you're a vegetarian, whatever it may be, we have different sections here for you. One of the really cool things about our dining hall is that they try and make it as fun as possible. For example, Oscar night, we always have steak. And then for Cinco de Mayo, they do a Mexican theme, so they're always trying to make the dining hall a fun place to be. You can even sit here and do homework.

For dining options. We offer three different meal plans for residents, students: gold, silver and bronze. For example, gold would be about 90 Meal Swipes 100 dining dollars, and then if you go down to silver, you'll get less Meal Swipes but more dining dollars. We have different places that you'll see later on in the tour. Where you can use those dining dollars. One of the really great things about our dining hall is that we also have a radio station. So if you're interested in doing podcasts, or sports cast or music radio, it's something where you can come here and work and get the experience as well.

We also have a mail room on campus for students. So you'll have the same mailbox all four years that you're here. So you can have mail from home transferred here or if your parents want to send care packages, that's something that they can do. If you online shop way too much, you can also get packages delivered here and then you'll get the best email ever: "your package is delivered." We also have our Edwards Fitness Center. This is one of two gyms that we have here on campus. And at both gyms there's always staff available to help you learn how to use some machines.

Welcome to the STC, which is short for Science and Technology Center. This is one of my favorite buildings on campus. And it's one of our very many academic buildings. What's really great about our academic buildings is that they're not specific to a major. So you can have any class in any building which allows you to meet different students from different majors, which is really nice. One of the other really cool things about the Science and Technology Center is that we have our bookstore in here, our bookstore partners with Barnes and Noble. So if you get Barnes and Noble gift cards for Christmas, you can use them here to buy textbooks, gear, school supplies, whatever it is, you may be, we also price match. So what that means is say you find a book cheaper on Amazon, you can show the bookstore and then they'll match the price so you can just get the book right away here, which takes away a lot of the hassle. We also have Starbucks so like I mentioned earlier we have the dining dollars. This is a place where you can use your dining dollars on campus. We also have state of the art technology. So we have all different kinds of labs in the synthetic cadaver that are available for students that are athletic training majors, exercise science majors, bio majors, and then even classes that resemble boardrooms so that business classes can be set up in business meeting style.

Welcome to Taylor Field. Taylor Field is one of two fields that we have here on campus. This field houses women's softball, and men's and women's soccer. We have a saying called fill the hill. So why don't we have home games here, we'll tell the students to fill the hill and they know exactly what that means. Bring your posters, bring your A game and start cheering so we can win these home games.

Welcome to our Athletic Center. Our Athletic Center houses quite a few things. So not only do we have a large court where it's men's and women's volleyball, and basketball, but we also have an indoor track. So if you're on the track team, this is where we'll be practicing. One other thing that's really great about our Athletic Center is that you don't have to be an athlete to take advantage of it. We have a dance room that holds many classes like Zumba classes, HIT classes, yoga classes, a lot of different things to keep students moving so that they stay happy and healthy. We also offer all different kinds of events in our Athletic Center. For example, we have a student run fashion show, which is a place where students will showcase the designs that they've been working on throughout the year, and put on a full blown fashion show for outsiders and students to come enjoy.

We also have at the beginning of each semester and activities fair, where 70 plus clubs and organizations here on campus, set up tables for students to kind of walk around and see what there is. I definitely recommend joining a club. Not just saying that because I was part of many, but saying that because I know that students thatjoined clubs love it, and it's a great way to meet new people and try new things.

Welcome to our Winslow Academic Center. Winslow Academic Center houses our Brennan library. I spent many, many hours there because they have great tools for students. We have a bunch of open space for students to work on group work and then a bunch of quiet space with study rooms for you to focus on your studying and homework. We also have our Academic Achievement Center AAC for short, but this is free peer and professional tutoring for students who can either drop in or make an appointment and they're available the entire time The library is open, even those late night hours.

One of the other great things that our library offers is a First Year Advising Center. So the second you step on campus for your summer orientation when you're picking those classes, you have a first year advisor to help you map out what classes you should be taking so that you stay on track all four years here. But if you're like me, you end up changing your major. That's also something they can help you do and help you stay on track so that you do graduate in the four years, we also have an option to graduate in three years. So that means taking a little bit extra classes during some semesters, but it's definitely possible. We also have a fifth year option here on campus. And what that means is you can start taking grad classes during your undergrad so that when you finish up, you only have one additional year of academic studies left to complete your masters.

This side of the Winslow Academic Center we have quite a few things. For starters, we have Studio 1851, which is created and run by the school of fashion. This is a place where the fashion students can customize and create Lasell gear that's available for purchase for Lasell Students and faculty. We also have our Glow Lounge. Like I mentioned earlier, we have dining dollars and Meal Swipes. This is another place where you can utilize both the dining dollars and the Meal Swipes. It's a place where you can grab a quick salad sandwich coffee, tea, whatever it is, quickly in between classes so that you can get along with your day.

We also have DeWitt Hall here in the Winslow Academic Center. Dwight Hall is home to many things such as classes like ethics and history, and events such as the blood drive, spring concert and our connected learning symposium. Our learning philosophy here at Lasell is connected learning. And what that means is you're learning more from hands on things such as case studies, as opposed to just reading out of a textbook. And that's really great because it helps me feel more prepared when I'm taking on internships and jobs.

Our connected learning symposium is very special and unique to lisel. And what it is, is students showcase the projects that they've been working on all semester long at the end of each semester. And it's an opportunity for students to walk around and check out what their classmates have been doing. And also learn a little bit more about the classes that lisel offers here on campus. One more thing that we have in the Winslow Academic Center is Campus Police shore is Campo. So Campo is available 365 days a year in 24-7, you'll see them all over campus while they're cruising around eating lunch in the dining hall or attending any of our events or sporting games here on campus. They're a great resource for students, they'll even pick you up from the train station and drive you home or drive you home from the library if it's too late at night and you don't feel comfortable walking.

Welcome to Saunders as we've been walking around campus, you've probably noticed many houses with green shutters, all the houses with green shutters are lisel owned and they're also Victorian houses that are places for either offices, or they're even dorms for students on campus. You don't have to be an upperclassman to live in a house, you can actually live in a house any year that you're here.

Welcome to Arnow campus center. This is one of my favorite spots on campus. I like to come here and just hang out whether it's with friends or I'm just sitting in the lounge doing homework. We also have a stage in the lounge which is a place where we have many events on campus such as karaoke, open mic night, comedian night, it's a great place for students to just hang out. We also have 1851. 1851 is a place where you can use both those dining dollars and Meal Swipes that I mentioned earlier. And you can grab things all day such as breakfast, salad, sandwiches, milkshakes, whatever it is they have it here. Arnow Campus Center also has marketing-251 which is like a mini grocery store so you can grab pantry items, ice cream, snacks, sandwiches, all little things for you. That way you don't have to just run to a grocery store. You can also use your dining dollars or credit card here.

On the second floor of the Arnow Campus Center. We have quite a few offices. So like those clubs and organizations I mentioned earlier, we have the Office of Student Activities here so you can find out what campus events are happening such as discounted tickets to Bruins or Celtics games, or even plays at the schools putting on. We also have the Office of International services here and our newspaper and magazine.

Welcome to our Arnow quad which is right behind our Arnow Campus Center. This is another one of my favorite places to just come and hang out, especially when the weather gets warmer. It's a great place to just toss around a football or even sit down and study. The Arnow quad is also home to two academic buildings. We have Yamawaki over here, and Donahue right over here, these buildings again, you can have any classes in but primarily focus on the arts. So for example, in Yamawaki , you can have your graphic design classes, photography classes, art classes, we even have a gallery for students to showcase their work.

And over here we have Donahue, Donahue houses primarily the School of Fashion where you can take classes anywhere from branding, merchandising, to sewing. It is also home to our fashion collection.

Thank you so much for coming on tour with me today. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out and utilize our live chat option on the website or reach out to your admissions counselor and somebody will be happy to help you.

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you on campus soon.