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Along with internships that provide our students with experience and a career ready attitude, at Lasell University we do much more to prepare our students. Our career advisors, academic advisors, and faculty will work with you to prepare you for your future career. The Center for Career Readiness can help with exploring career options, writing resumes, prepping for interviews, and finding internship opportunities.

OK, all right. I really want to take the pressure off of  students to feel this responsibility, this need to have to reach out to us. I think  it should be our responsibility to reach out to students to give them that level of comfort, to give them that level of assurance, that we are here to assist them throughout their academic career.

Our very first meeting establishes a relationship with that student. We try to get an idea of what they did in high school, what their interests are, what they're looking for, what their career plan is, and work with that student to either develop their resume, help them get integrated into the campus in clubs and organizations, try and develop a career plan with an outlook of what they will, what will help them to be successful over these four years, to transition successfully into the workforce.

Our Connected Learning philosophy assures that 100 percent of our students will have to complete at least one internship. It really, really sets us apart in so many ways because our students are amassing these great ... amassing these opportunities to develop their employability skills so that at the end of their four or five years, our students will graduate having gained real-world work experience. This Connected Learning has, is really shaping our students to enter the job market more competitive than some of our neighboring colleges.

We want students to be able to talk about, talk about the skills they developed in leadership or teamwork and not just going out and say, you know, "I did stuff." But how did you do stuff? These are some of the projects that I worked on, and then just being able to articulate how they were prepared in leadership or their global and intercultural fluency, teamwork, communication, their critical thinking. We want  students to be able to articulate how their, how they developed their problem-solving skills, not that they just wrote a paper, they did stuff.

Because we've established a relationship with students over their four or five years at Lasell, we continue that relationship long after they have graduated, and anytime our alumni need help and improving their skills, or they're looking to change careers, or they're looking to improve their skills, they're looking for a promotion, the Career Center will always be there to assist them in every step of the way. We also work with our alumni to reach out with them to develop job opportunities and internship opportunities for our current students. Alumni have also been beneficial and helped in mentoring relationships with our current students so we continue our relationship with our alumni for life.

My goal is for every Lasell student to graduate career-ready, and especially in a time like this, in the middle of a pandemic when the job landscape has drastically changed, students want to be well-prepared when they graduate and transition to the world of work.