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School of Fashion

The School of Fashion offers students hands-on opportunities, including direct involvement in fashion show productions as designers, producers, set designers, or stylists, both on and off campus.

Lasell University's School of Fashion is a member of the National Retail Federation's Student Association (NRFSA). The NRFSA membership offers students networking opportunities, recognition, and the latest industry news. 

Academic Programs

Fashion Media and Marketing

Fashion Design and Production

Fashion Merchandising and Management



So the School of Fashion actually has three different majors within it. There's fashion merchandising and retailing, fashion communication and promotion, and fashion design and production. Something that I found amazing about Lasell was coming in, I got to start my major right away.

My first semester, I was taking two fashion classes, which I thought were great. And they were a lot of fun, and they really pushed me towards wanting to stay in my major. But it also was one of the places that had fashion merchandising as a major. So for extracurriculars on campus, I'm lucky enough to work for Polished, which is a fashion magazine here. I was published actually that semester as well, and I've been published every semester after with my photographs appearing in the magazine.

There's also the Paris trip that runs every summer. There's the student-run fashion show, which is a great opportunity for all students, especially as a rising senior. I'll be able to showcase my entire collection next year.

I think it's really amazing how they all come together and the classes mix, and they really put on an amazing show. So I can't wait to be a part of that.