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School of Humanities, Education, Justice, and Social Sciences,

The School of Humanities, Education, Justice & Social Sciences provides students with valuable Connected Learning experiences to think critically and gain practical real-world application. Students are prepared to succeed in diverse careers and continue their studies at the graduate level.

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So next year, I'm excited to start my internship. It definitely paints a picture of what you can get into for different fields. I've had to go to court observations, and stuff like that.

I know for my internships next year, I'll be partnering with the police department for ride-alongs. I'm applying to state police, which has a whole bunch of different ones. But the one I'm looking for is the arson and bomb squad dogs. I thought that was super interesting-- you pretty much work with puppies and training them. Just get a feel for the different fields that are available to criminal justice majors.

My first semester here we got to do a mock trial for one of my legal studies at the Connected Learning Symposium. It was really cool because we got to learn all throughout the semester about cases and how to prepare for them, and then we actually got to showcase that to a panel of jury members that were consisted of professors, and then community members came in to see us. So it was nice to take what I've learned and then show it to everyone else.

My internship's been quite an interesting experience. I've learned how to structure lesson plans better, because they're all such different learners. Also just being in the field already-- I've started since freshman year, so I've already been in three practicums, so three different grades in schools. Which is really helpful.

And now I know how to support students better, and being there really helped me decide that this is the right place. Once again, this is the school for me.