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Grace Hogan

 Explore Lasell University's Resort and Casino Management major with Lasell student Grace Hogan '17

My name is Grace Hogan. My major is Casino and Resort Management. And I'm now a senior. I'm in my last semester.

They had a class within my major. It was the Explorations of the Las Vegas Resort and Casino Industry, where as a part of the class, there was a five day field trip to Las Vegas to go and meet with professionals there, learn about the industry, and basically experience the entire tourism hub that is Las Vegas. I was learning everything you would need to learn about customer servicing, from the standpoint of walking around the lobby, seeing what issues there are with customers, talking to people, making guests happy. I got to meet professionals from all over their entire organization.

I got to audit their company. From that course specifically offered by Lasell, I was able to make connections so that I got an internship the following summer. And I worked with Caesars Entertainment, which is the largest gaming corporation in the world, as a hospitality intern for almost three months this past summer.

When I interviewed with MGM this past January, they looked at my resume and said you've worked with one of our biggest competitors. What did you think? What was it like? You've been in Vegas before. You've seen the industry before.

And I don't even know if I would have gotten an interview with MGM for a full time position post graduate if I hadn't had an internship in Vegas prior. It was probably the best undergraduate experience. And it was like, once in a lifetime experience beyond that. I learned so much.