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Tiffany Potter

Explore what you can do with a Degree in Communication from Lasell with Tiff Potter ’12.

My name is Tiffany Potter. I graduated from Lasell in 2012, with a Communications degree. My job title is-- it's a bunch of things-- but ultimately, I'm a programming assistant, production assistant, and on-air talent for IHeartMedia, specifically KISS 108. Sunday nights I'm on-air for KISS 108, starting at 11 o'clock, and I end at 5:00 in the morning.

And then I come back in on Monday mornings, and we have our music meetings at 10:30. Usually our music department, which consists of myself, our music director, and our program director, we sit down. And we decide what songs is KISS 108 going to play?

We look at research. We look at streaming numbers. We look at all these different statistics. And we pick a certain amount of songs, and where they're going to play, at what times during the day.

(ON AIR) That's going to take you about 30 minutes, I would say.

And then from there, in the afternoons most of my days consist of afternoon traffic. It's really awesome to be able to take something that is kind of the worst thing in the world, which is traffic in Boston, and being able to add a little bit of a light fresh spin on it to our, you know, commuters that are driving home. And I've been doing that for a couple of years.

Growing up in a small town in the middle of central Massachusetts, being able to move into this, you know, at the time seemed like a really big school to me, really close to the city. And then they just let my wings fly, to really explore the city and be able to take the connections that I made at school. You know what?

There's a lot of amazing professors at Lasell that are in industries that are relatable to, you know, different students, and just being able to build those connections. And then, just being so close to Boston. This is where I made my home.

This is where I made my friends. This is where I built my career. And it's all because I left my hometown to come to a school that was so close to Boston, and made me feel like I was a part of this city, made this city my home.

Hey friends, it's Tiff Potter. Welcome to KISS 108 and IHeartMedia Boston. Thanks for visiting. And this is my life after Lasell.